Conscious Leaders

are here to have

Profound Impact!

We do this by

listening deeply,

seeing the invisible

and embodying and

activating our

souls purpose

Hi I’m Charlene,  

I’m an ICF Accredited Transformational Leadership Coach for leaders, coaches, change agents, teams and groups.

I specialise in supporting conscious leaders to define, embody and active their soul purpose, increase their awareness, capacity, creativity and innovation so that they can enact profound positive change.


My clients are all leaders and change agents who have had personal and/or professional experiences that has lead to them having an increase in consciousness. They want to use their experience, insights and increased awareness to create profound positive impact in the world and on humanity.

We are living in the midst of a VUCA world, one that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and the challenges we are facing can no longer be solved by old leadership paradigms.

We need to take a stance and challenge what is no longer working for the sake of humanity and this requires the actions of conscious leaders to work together to enact positive change.

Conscious Leadership is not a role we create, it is a role that we are presented with. It is a role that is shaped through our experience and our conscious awareness. Conscious Leaders feel the enormity of what’s involved which can feel big, scary and unachievable. However they struggle to find the support that ‘sees them’ and their vision and purpose. You no longer have to do it alone, you no longer have to ignore the niggles and the screams from within. You can receive the support from someone who gets it, someone who has travelled a similar path and someone who is an experienced and skillful coach. I can support you to access your creativity, innovation, intuition, willpower and increase your capacity to enable you to take aligned action on your purpose, values, strengths and vision.



The Profound Impact Framework®️

My unique methodology supporting leaders, coaches and change agents to access all of the intelligence and wisdom available to them so that they can enact profound impact. We tap into five key activators -


Purpose: Uncovering, defining and embodying their soul’s purpose.

Awareness: Increasing their presence, deepening all levels of awareness and personal coherence.

Capacity: Building capacity and deepening trust in themselves and their purpose, enabling them to hold and enact their purpose.

Innovation: Increasing their creativity and innovation.

Relating: Conscious communicating and relating in all aspects of their life.

Within teams and partnerships, our work together also includes -

Shared Purpose: Defining the shared purpose.

Group Coherence: Creating group coherence, presence and trust.

Alignment: Alignment on commitments and action.

Co-creating: Co-creating new ways of leading and working collaboratively. 

Ways of working with me

Profound Impact


Tailored Package supporting you to define, embody & active your soul purpose and build your capacity to enable you to enact profound impact

Profound Impact

For Teams / Groups

Tailored package supporting your team/group to define your shared purpose, create group coherence, alignment and co-create to enact profound impact

Profound Impact

Public Speaking

Invite me to your event / into your organisation to speak about

conscious leadership/

profound impact / soul’s purpose / listening deeply

Working with Charlene has been a breath of fresh air. She saw my life and what I wanted to achieve through objective lenses, guided me to see things differently, acknowledge and embrace the evolution, and helped me develop new habits that gave me back focus, energy and creativity.

Let's Work Together

To create a new way of being and leading that supports you and your soul’s purpose and what humanity so deeply and profoundly needs.

Charlene Kidd

Transformational Leadership Coaching For Profound Impact


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