About Me

Supporting you to work at peak performance,

no longer being hijacked by stress, overwhelm

& self doubt, whilst also achieving greater harmony

& joy in your life.



Let me share with you a bit about my story …

I have experienced high levels of stress and overwhelm, burnout and health issues linked to stress over many years which ultimately led to me having a life changing accident. I know first hand what it feels like, the impact it has on all aspects of your life and how it can feel impossible to overcome. 

I have managed businesses since I was 20; always driven, high achieving, developing new and better ways of working. I did and still do thrive on making a positive impact on peoples’ lives. The problem was my way of creating success was faulty; I was working long hours, unable to turn off from my work or business, I was putting other peoples’ needs before my own and I was not looking after my needs or making enough time for ‘fun’ in my life. I thought I was superhuman, but I wasn’t, no one is.

For me it came at a huge cost. I had pushed and abused my body and mind over many many years then in 2018 I suffered a life changing injury that damaged my spine when I hit a wall (quite literally). Everything changed for me overnight. It was an accident that could have been avoided if I wasn’t operating in such a prolonged heightened level of stress; inhibiting my ability to think clearly and make wiser decisions. 

Despite the physical pain and my inability to do quite a lot of things I previously took for granted, I still pushed on through. I had 2 successful businesses and was just starting my third and I did not want to let them go, putting myself under a lot of additional stress. Then the pandemic hit and not only did I take my in-person business online, I also supported many others to do the same. It started suffering heart issues, I could no longer ignore, I needed to stop and take notice of what my body was telling me. That was my final wakeup call! 

I sold my businesses and took time out to look after ME and retrain as a coach, discovering so much about myself along the way. I am a ICF Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation), certified, accredited and a member of the gold standard in coaching. I have also gone on to complete further training since enabling me to specialise in embodied transformation and working with the nervous system. 

My Approach

I work with the intelligence of the whole body, not just mindset. My approach includes nervous system regulation from the very latest research on Polyvagal theory along with the latest Neuroscience research on embodied transformation. I’ve created my own unique transformational approach Calmly Thriving®️ working with the nervous system and the intelligence of the whole body to enable greater wisdom and embed long lasting change.  

I provide my clients with a safe, non-judgemental & empowering space that enables deep self exploration and discovery for personal and professional growth. Together with my clients we create a new way of being that supports their big bold ambitions, without breaking them or burning them out. At the heart of all my offers is my Calmly Thriving Framework®️ which includes three core pillars: freedom, harmony & thrive. Supporting my clients to free themselves from what is currently holding them back; creating more harmony within their mind & body enabling them to enjoy life and thrive by using their embodied wisdom to take aligned action. 

My Mission & Values


My mission is to support more high-achieving leaders, professionals & business owners to live the life they desire AND create the success they know they are capable of achieving, so they can thrive without breaking them or burning them out.


My personal values are growth and harmony.

I lead with love, honesty & integrity.

I also offer - 

  • Safety & Compassion - to ensure my clients feel safe to be fully seen, heard, understood & supported.

  • Connection & Belonging - Developing genuine connection both one-to-one and within my groups, to ensure everyone feels like they belong.

  • Respect & Dignity - Everyone is accepted for who they are and I am fully inclusive and respect diversity. Everyone is inherently worthy and I ensure my clients know this within our work together. 

These are all essential nutrients for us to Calmly Thrive!

I will also continue to ensure my practice is of the highest quality through continuous training, coaching & supervision. 

Get results like these

I would not hesitate in recommending Charlene to anyone who is embarking on their own new business as she works with you through any blockers and supports you in whatever path you choose to take

I felt safe, supported and not judged. And I have started the journey to better things instead of always getting the same outcomes in different ways

Charlene has helped me to stay focused through gaining clarity on my values and ensuring what I do aligns with who I am. She is understanding and has supported my growth and journey into the entrepreneurship space.


Stop stress & overwhelm

from hijacking your day

so you can Calmly Thrive

Download my five simple steps, with downloadable audios to support and guide you. 


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