About Me

I specialise in supporting

conscious leaders to define,

embody and activate their

soul’s purpose, increase their

awareness, capacity, creativity

and innovation so that they

can enact profound positive



I know what it’s like when a profound event happens which dramatically changes your perception and how you live and lead.

I was not listening to my body and the niggles signalling how I was out of alignment with my values and a feeling that I had a bigger reason for being than what I was currently doing. Those indicators did not go away; they got louder and louder and eventually screamed at me. This led to an accident that damaged my spine, which could have been avoided if I had listened to what my body was telling me.

I then took the path to figuring out what on earth was going on and what was being asked of me. On that journey I discovered that there was a bigger role I was being asked to step into; discovering my soul’s purpose for the sake of humanity. This felt big, scary and unachievable, but ignoring it was no longer an option!


So I needed to develop the skills to step into a new way of being, enabling me to have the capacity and ability to enact the change.

I was born and grew up in Northern Ireland, but now live in the South of England with my beautiful family and our fluffy dog. I love being in nature - wondering through woodland, across the countryside and being in/on/or by water.


I have been a leader for over 24 years in the public and private sector, I have a degree in Psychology and a masters in Integrated Centre Leadership and I’m an ICF Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation). I’ve been deeply inspired by several disciplines that have had a huge influence on my life, my leadership and my coaching. I apply advanced techniques from those disciplines within my coaching in the following areas: developmental psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, meditation, polyvagal theory, embodiment and leadership theories.

I coach mainly online, but I also like to coach in person and I work with both individuals and with teams and groups.

My Vision, Purpose & Approach

My vision is for a new wave of creative conscious leadership that has the skills, resources and capacity to help us navigate these times.

My purpose is to catalyse this new wave of creative conscious leadership. Supporting conscious leaders to listen more deeply to access greater levels of intelligence and wisdom, to define, embody and activate their purpose and to build their capacity so that they can enact profound positive change. I have created the Profound Impact Framework® that combines these and other key elements.

Through the art of presence and relating I am able to calibrate and attune to my clients in a way that their purpose and vision naturally unfolds and takes shape. I specialise in helping them embody their purpose and unique gifts so that their words, actions and very way of being transmits that purpose to the world.

I am also passionate about connecting conscious leaders with a shared purpose with one another so they can co-create new paradigms together.

Charlene Kidd

Transformational Leadership Coaching For Profound Impact


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