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I work with high-achieving leaders, professionals & business owners who have had enough of the endless rollercoaster ride. Who have had incredible success so far, they know deep down that they are capable of achieving more but are ready to do things differently! They want to enjoy life and thrive, they don’t want to choose one over the other, why should they? And the good news is they don’t have to!

You can absolutely be successful without high levels of stress, enjoy life and thrive. I am here to support you through my Calmly Thriving®️ Approach.

90 minute Clarity Call

Got something you are ‘stuck’ on? Bespoke experience supporting you to gain clarity from your inner wisdom

Calmly Thriving®️ Experience 

Work with me one-to-one for three to nine months on a tailored package through my Calmly Thriving™ Framework

Calmly Thriving®️ Collective

Join my waiting list to be the first to know about my Calmly Thriving®️ group programme

My coaching approach

I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited Coach.  I work with the intelligence of the whole body, not just mindset. My approach includes nervous system regulation from the very latest research on Polyvagal theory along with the latest Neuroscience research on embodied transformation. I also use insight from adult development theory to support my clients through huge personal and professional / business growth. 

I provide my clients with a safe, non-judgemental & empowering space and use powerful resources that enable deep self exploration and self discovery for personal and professional / business growth. 

Together with my clients we create a new way of being that supports their big bold ambitions, without breaking them or burning them out. 

I have journeyed this transformational path myself and supported many clients to do the same, so I know the terrain well.

Can you identify with any of these?

  • You are exhausted.

  • You work long hours.

  • You are always ‘on’, as your job / business is always on your mind.

  • You wake up in the night deliberating over things.

  • Situations in your life / job / business are demanding. 

  • You struggle to make decisions.

  • You find that you are constantly. getting hijacked by stressful events.

  • You feel like ‘crap’ keeps getting thrown at you! 

  • You feel like you can’t handle one more thing going wrong or any more unexpected issues or uncertainties. 

  • You suffer from self doubt and you are constantly berating yourself for not being ‘good enough’. 

  • You say ‘yes’ to things you really want to say ‘no’ to.

  • You don’t have time to look after yourself or do the things that you enjoy.

  • When you do you take time for ‘you’ you struggle to relax and have fun 

  • You get ratty with your family.

  • And you’re ’hanging on’ until your next holiday.  

If you’re finding yourself nodding along, you’re not alone!

But what if things could be different?

Let me introduce you to Calmly Thriving®️

Calmly Thriving®️is at the heart of all my offers and it’s my signature approach. My approach works with your nervous system and the intelligence of the whole body to enable greater wisdom and to embed deep and long lasting change for personal and professional/business growth. 

There are three core pillars to my Calmly Thriving®️ approach: freedom, harmony & thrive. Supporting my clients to free themselves from what is currently holding them back; creating more harmony within their mind & body enabling them to enjoy life and thrive by using their embodied wisdom to take aligned action. 

Stress & overwhelm lives in the body, so to fully address it and create long lasting change we need to work with the body as a whole. 

Your nervous system affects every thought you have and is behind every action you take or don’t take. To really understand what is going on for us we need to understand what is going on with our nervous system, what our default state is and work with our nervous system to build our capacity to respond to events occurring in our everyday life. 

We are living out our repeating patterns that have been created even as far back as childhood. Some are healthy and for our greater good and some less so and whilst they may have served a need once, they can inhibit us now. We can get ‘stuck’ in a repeating cycle and will power alone, or working on your mindset (conscious & unconscious), will not create the long lasting change you desire. Why? Because our beliefs and behaviours are embodied; they live in the body and we need to work with the whole body to release their hold on us and to create a new embodied response.

When we are making decisions solely based on the intelligence of our mind, ignoring and overriding the intelligence of the whole body, such as our heart and gut we come into conflict and this creates disharmony in our body and it impacts the actions we take. To create harmony in our lives and to thrive we need to include the wisdom from all of our intelligence in our decision making. We need to gain greater awareness of what is going on in our bodies at any given moment and be able to use this information to inform our decisions. 

 90 minute Clarity Call

 Got something you are ‘stuck’ on? Bespoke experience supporting you to gain clarity from your inner wisdom

Calmly Thriving Experience 

Work with me one-to-one for three to nine months on a tailored package through my Calmly Thriving®️ Framework

Calmly Thriving Collective

Join my waiting list to be the first to know about my Calmly Thriving®️ group programme

If you have any questions on any of my packages, do not hesitate to contact me


Thank you Charlene. I don’t know how you do it, but with grace and kindness you steered me through a really sticky patch! 

Being able to untangle some of my thoughts & feelings has been so important and makes a difference to my physical and mental health.

I am literally astounded by the transformation in thinking I have had. And in such a short space of time.

I have greater awareness of where my body is carrying the stress and feeling of overwhelm and now I have strategies to help combat that. I have also gained a greater understanding of my behavioural patterns and the drivers behind them


Stop stress & overwhelm

from hijacking your day

so you can Calmly Thrive™

Download my five simple steps, with downloadable audios to support and guide you. 


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