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Hi I’m Charlene,  

I’m an ICF Accredited Transformation & Empowerment Coach.

I empower high-achieving Business Owners, Leaders and Professionals to no longer be hijacked by stress, overwhelm and self doubt, so that they can fulfil their purpose & thrive, whilst also achieving greater harmony and joy in their life.

I know what it is like operating at a heightened level of stress and its impact.

 I’ve personally experienced high levels of stress when I was pushing myself to do more, achieve more, but that was to the detriment of my health and it hit its peak back in 2019.

I had an accident which resulted in a spinal injury, which could have been avoided if I wasn’t operating at such a heightened level of stress and if I had listened to what was going on in my body. 


My Mission is to Empower Others...

by sharing my knowledge, skills, expertise and my own personal experiences to demonstrate how you can achieve success in a completely different way. Not through hustling and forgetting your needs and desires but by Calmly Thriving®️and creating success without the stress. 

I work with the intelligence of the whole body, not just mindset. My approach includes nervous system regulation from the very latest research on Polyvagal theory along with the latest Neuroscience research on embodied transformation and adult development theory. 

Together with my clients we create a new way of being that supports their big bold ambitions, without breaking them or burning them out. At the heart of my offer is my Calmly Thriving®️ Framework which includes three core pillars: freedom, harmony & thrive. Supporting my clients to free themselves from what is currently holding them back; creating more harmony within their mind & body enabling them to enjoy life and thrive by using their embodied wisdom to take aligned action. 

How I can help you

90 minute

Clarity Call

Bespoke Experience supporting you to gain clarity from your inner wisdom

Calmly Thriving


Work with me one-to-one for three to nine months on a tailored package supporting you to calmly thrive 

Calmly Thriving

Group Programme

Join my waiting list to be the first to know about my Calmly Thriving®️group programme, with added bonuses

Working with Charlene has been a breath of fresh air. She saw my life and what I wanted to achieve through objective lenses, guided me to think differently, acknowledge and embrace the evolution, and helped me develop new habits that gave me back focus, energy and creativity.

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Let's Work Together

To create a new way of being that supports your big bold ambitions, without breaking you or burning you out.


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